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Montclair High School’s SVPA Presents In The Heights

BY  |  Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 8:00am

In the heights

This Friday’s opening night of In the Heights, Montclair High’s School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA) spring production, marks exciting  new musical territory for some of Montclair High’s finest performers.

According to one cast member, about half of the numbers in this Tony-Award winning musical are Rap or Hip Hop, which is a major departure from the more traditional scores of their previous shows. And if one new genre wasn’t enough for these ambitious performers, Salsa dominates much of In the Heights’ score, another mostly uncharted musical style for the SVPA cast.

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Montclair Planning Board: Affordable Housing and Building Heights For Phase 2 Western Gateway Redevelopment

BY  |  Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015 9:30am  |  COMMENTS (56)

Keenan Hughes of Phillips Preiss Grygiel

Keenan Hughes of Phillips Preiss Grygiel

With Valley & Bloom under construction and plans to begin the MC Hotel waiting in the wings, the Montclair Planning Board held a workshop to consider the second phase of redevelopment for Montclair’s western gateway at its July 27 meeting.  The proposed area under consideration includes six properties on the eastern side of Valley Road, across from Valley & Bloom 1, that, along with the Montclair Motor Car showroom, the Delta service station, and the PSE&G facility, are recommended for rehabilitation.  Most of the discussion, though, involved the area around Portland Place, which was studied as a possible block to be redeveloped.

Kennan Hughes of the consulting firm Philips Preiss Grygiel  and architectural consultant Ira Smith led the board and the numerous residents in attendance, including Mayor Robert Jackson, through their recommendations.  They generally endorsed a mixed-use area bringing together retail and residential development that implements more public spaces and creating more parking with a deck behind Valley Road and Portland Place that would be screened by buildings along the street line.  The proposals also called for the incorporation of affordable housing, new public spaces, and self-storage space above the parking deck.  Hughes said he wanted to take advantage of the central area of the block that was “not conducive” to residential or office use.  It, too, would be screened from view.  The old municipal building, now the police headquarters, would be recycled for a new use once the police moved . . . and possibly have two extra stories.  Kathleen Bennett of the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission later spoke in opposition to that idea.

The Delta station would likely remain, in part to allow Montclair residents to buy gasoline locally and to preserve a sense of openness that would be destroyed by a taller building on that site, creating a possible canyon effect with Valley & Bloom.  A low-rise building housing a cigar store had once stood there, as illustrated in an historic picture shown at the meeting.

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Featured Home For Sale: Craftsman – 11 Berkeley Heights Park, Bloomfield

BY  |  Friday, Aug 02, 2013 10:30am

Featured Home For Sale: Craftsman - 11 Berkeley Heights Park, Bloomfield Berkeley Heights Park, once the historic Bartholomew Estate, was conceived as an enclave of upscale weekend get away houses at the beginning of the 1900s. The central park, shaded by tall growth trees, is encircled by 26 properties that all enjoy this quiet setting.

berkeley 11New to the market is 11 Berkeley Heights (video tour). Listed at $495,000, it’s open this Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Continue Reading

Giveaway: Tickets to a Tri-Bill Season Finale Featuring The Jammin’ Divas, Bobtown, and Tall Heights at Outpost in The Burbs

BY  |  Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 10:30am  |  COMMENTS (5)

Outpost in The BurbsOutpost in The Burbs will present its season finale with a Tri-Bill concert, featuring The Jammin’ Divas, Bobtown, and Tall Heights at 8 pm this Friday, June 7, and Baristanet has two sets of tickets to give away to two lucky readers.

Guest emcee for the evening will be “Joltin’ Joe” Pszonek of WMSC’s program “Radio Nowhere,” at the Montclair State University radio station:

Drawing on field hollers, gospel music, folk songs, pop melodies and bluegrass harmonies, Bobtown reinvents American choral music for the 21st century to create a unique and compelling blend of voices and instruments that move gracefully between elegy and celebration:

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Who Needs Snooki? Gov. Christie Puts On Show in Seaside Heights

BY  |  Monday, Jul 09, 2012 12:51pm  |  COMMENTS (50)

Don’t mess with Gov. Christie. TMZ posted this video of Gov. Christie engaging in a boardwalk shouting match over the weekend with a man who criticized Christie’s education policy.

Christie can be heard saying: “You’re a real big shot…you’re a real big shot shootin’ your mouth off.”

The man yells back, “Nah, just take care of the teachers!”

Then Christie seems to go after the man, yelling, “Keep walkin’ away…really good…keep walkin’.” In the video, it looks like Christie’s handlers coax him to leave and he is seen walking off, ice cream cone in hand. Last week, Christie ridiculed a reporter calling him “stupid” and an “idiot” for asking an off-topic question at a press conference. Temper, temper?

Watsessing Heights Neighborhood Association Meets on May 23

BY  |  Tuesday, May 22, 2012 6:04pm

The Watsessing Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) will meet on Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Bloomfield Civic Center at 84 Broad Street.

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NJ Takes Tree Hugging To New Heights

Friday, Jun 11, 2010 12:38pm  |  COMMENTS (5)

hawaiiRB-Mark Chisholm.jpg
Saturday, in the park…you’re invited to the Tree Climbers’ Competition, held for the first time in Essex County Branch Brook Park, 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bet you didn’t know there was an official contest for tree climbing. Unfortunately, kids (who are welcome to watch), this is an adult-only activity.
Mark Chisholm (in photo), has held the title of New Jersey Champion Tree Climber for 17 years in a row. He’s the man to beat on Saturday, June 12, when arborists from all over New Jersey compete in the 26th annual tree climbing championship held by the state chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.
The aerial competition combines acrobatic agility, speed and technique. Tomorrow, 25 participants, both men and women, are expected to climb trees of heights up to 85-90 feet tall. The competitors are arborists at tree care companies throughout NJ, who spend most of their work day climbing trees.
Officials provided assurances that no trees will be harmed during this event! Saturday’s winners will represent New Jersey at the International Tree Climbing Competition in Chicago this summer…Who knew?

Montclair Heights Prices Reach New Lows

Monday, Jun 23, 2008 12:43pm  |  COMMENTS (14)


Prices at The Heights at Montclair, the development on the old Montclair Hospital site, started back here at a list price of $1,349,990 (for #24, the Chamonix). #24 sold last October for $994,990. Since then, the houses have sold at prices that have gone lower and lower. #22, the St. Moritz model went for $725,000 in February; #18 (also a Chamonix model) went for $640,000 in April.
The listing price has dropped now to $699,900; see interior photos here.
Meanwhile, Montclair’s newest development, the Commons at Bay Street, is scheduled for occupancy this November; 2 bedrooms are listed here for $659,000.
Update: Baristanet’s real estate page is under construction; we will be listing recent sales again, but in a map format. Please bear with us. In the meantime, if you want to know a price of any home that sold in Baristaville, send us the address here.

Baristaville Teachers Soar To New Heights

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007 1:50pm  |  COMMENTS (7)

Who says teachers can’t have fun? Renaissance School’s Science team, Todd Smith (at left), Carrie Hittel, and Emily Burtnett got the plane ride of their lives when they joined a group of 60 teachers, donned spiffy blue jumpsuits, and experienced “zero-gravity” on G-Force-One.

“It was me who got tossed, and it went awry. I was dropped,” reported Burtnett cheerfully. “Then I body-slammed into Carrie. That was definitely a high point of the day.”
At the memory, the two burst into laughter. As gravity force lowers, it becomes harder to control physical movement. “People think you just float inadvertantly but actually you need to push yourself off. But it takes just the pressure of a single finger, and then you fly,” said Burtnett.

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UPDATED: Montclair Planning Board: Marathon Meeting on Seymour Street Redevelopment

BY  |  Friday, Jul 01, 2016 1:15pm  |  COMMENTS (36)

Montclair Planning Board members Carmel Loughman (left) and William Barr with Montclair Planning Director Janice Talley

Montclair Planning Board members Carmel Loughman (left) and William Barr with Montclair Planning Director Janice Talley

The Montclair Planning Board’s June 30 meeting lasted well into July 1, as board members were subjected to more feedback than they bargained for about the Seymour Street redevelopment plan.  While some residents were generally supportive, many remained skeptical.

Planning Director Janice Talley said that the parameters of the arts-based redevelopment plan had been subjected to numerous hearings, and that this hearing would give the public the chance to address their concerns.  That they did.  So many residents spoke up that a hearing on a proposed amendment to  the Eastern Gateway redevelopment plan wasn’t brought up until after midnight.  Some residents, like Lucy Fitzgerald,  expressed skepticism with the idea that making Seymour Street a cul-de-sac could work, as it would make it almost impossible for emergency vehicles to get through and for plows to remove snow.  Victoria Ostrer found the proposed number of two hundred apartment buildings and the proposed 30,000 square feet of office space illogical compared to the smaller amount of space reserved for arts and entertainment purposes.   Other residents focused on parking; Michael Mardone said that adding parking to the proposed arts district would worsen Montclair’s parking woes because it would encourage more cars and produce another shortage of space, while Forest Street resident Neil O’Shea said that he and his neighbors were “scared” of a parking deck replacing the Midtown parking lot and worsening the traffic in the area.

The board kept an open mind for the most part on the concerns of the residents, but its members remained generally supportive of the plan overall.  Vice Chair Jason DeSalvo said that it was difficult if not impossible to approach Seymour Street in a completely holistic way because the township doesn’t own the land; it can only provide incentives and encourage desired development through whatever plan it forwards to the council.  The net effect, he said, was to provide for the greater benefit of the whole township. Continue Reading

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